Sunshine Coast Family Dispute Resolution

Separation/Divorce is a crisis - a crisis of change. It is during this crisis that you are called to make important decisions regarding your children, their future and how you are to separate your assets. This can be a very distressing time for you and your children. At Peymac Mediations we assist our clients to move beyond this crisis by:

  • Supporting parents to establish future focused and child centered Parenting Agreements
  • Providing information, education and assistance to parents in transforming their previous 'intimate' relationship to a 'business like' co-parenting or parallel parenting relationship
  • Facilitating conversations and assisting clients to establish their asset pool and develop a fair and equitable Property/Financial Settlement

The Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) services we offer help our clients to avoid the financially and emotionally costly process of resolving these matters in the courts. Peymac Mediations provides Parenting and Property/Financial Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) Services and Post Separation Co-Parenting Coaching, Support and Education Services.

Helping our clients and their families transition through this period of crisis and supporting them in building a strong foundation for a better tomorrow, is the heart and soul of our company.

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April 5, 2017

Why mediated Parenting Plans are the Secret Ingredient….

A Mediated Parenting Plan is one of the best investments in your children’s future that you, as a separated parent can make. When separating you will experience overwhelming emotion ranging from relief, to anger, to frustration, to fear and deep sadness.  These feelings are normal and part of the grieving […]
January 24, 2017

Why mediation is the new black

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that is fast becoming recognized as a practical and effective way to resolve conflict.  It has a unique process that aims to preserve relationships and establish win-win agreements.  When conflict continues over time between people, it deepens the rift and damages the relationship […]

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